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2012-06-15 21:36:06 by SomaGuye

I don't come to NG at all any more so this post will be my official goodbye, I'll stay in contact with anyone who matters.


Not Dead

2012-02-21 16:24:54 by SomaGuye

Just a post to point out that I'm not dead and still come here from time to time. Might upload some audio soon. Peace out.

Drop in activity

2011-10-16 00:32:35 by SomaGuye

I haven't been very active recently since I moved into uni, and all the social activity and work that comes with that.

To anyone that this may disappoint (read: no one) I am sorry.


2011-08-23 01:56:02 by SomaGuye


I got accepted to Uni

2011-08-19 16:42:33 by SomaGuye

Gonna study Physics at UCL.

Holla holla.

London Meet

2011-08-07 06:55:36 by SomaGuye

Shit was awesome.

Actual proper description incoming as I remember what happened.

I got a job

2011-07-19 13:43:42 by SomaGuye

My title is general assistant.

I generally assist things.


2011-06-28 08:39:08 by SomaGuye

I have no more exams.

I now have a 3 month holiday before I start University.

Time for copious amounts of sex, drugs and alcohol.

Doing things

2011-06-24 18:40:14 by SomaGuye

I'm sitting my last exam on monday, then on the tuesday I'm starting a new job with my uncle.

What have YOU done lately you lazy bum?

Exams again

2011-06-12 15:00:13 by SomaGuye

Welp it's that time to sit in a hall for a bit answering questions again and I still can't get myself to revise. Even though these ones determine if I get into University or not.

What can ya do.